This move out cleaning will pass the inspection even if the landlord hates you

Your landlord is definitely not your favourite person on Earth. In fact you can define your relationship with him as a love-hate one, which means that you loved him at first sight and hated him ever after. He is complaining too much, he is having too many requirements, he always has something to say and too often overdoes, but the truth is that you and your well-being depend on him, you have to admit this. The ugly truth is that you realized it somehow too late and your hatred was not a hidden one, you know you don’t like him, he knows you don’t like him and when you are about to move out and you need desperately much that money from your security deposit, you are anxious and you are about to panic. Yeah, this whole situation is tricky and you have to handle it genuinely and carefully, otherwise that hatred would cost you 3000 £. Don’t lose hope now, because life is generous and there is a solution, there is a safe exit from that situation that won’t cost you too much. And if you think about it, it is so simple, so explicit – clean the entire accommodation so flawlessly well that he won’t have any other choice. Be smart, be rational and here is what you need to do in few simple steps.

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Plan properly

Don’t be a last-minute kind of person, because that may be really dangerous. If you, however, have a nice and strict plane, which you have made in advanced, and if you stick to it, your success is pretty sure. and if you feel confused now, not knowing what you are supposed to plan and organize, you better calm down, because it is nothing fancy – just make a list of all the steps of your move out and everything you will need for it.


This next step is essential and it is also better if you start with this somehow sooner. All your clothes, books, decorations and stuff, all the utensils, cups, glasses and pans, all your belongings should be sorted out and packed in separate boxes. Write down then what you can find in this particular box on its top, so that when you move in, you will be able to find everything so facilely.


If you strive for greatness, if this perfection is too necessary, or if you simply want to be absolutely certain in the inspection pass, there is one single thing you could do – hire professionals. Make e research, find one of the best London’s cleaners, arrange an appointment and prepare your home for their cleaning – they will need things like hot water, good condition of the electricity and empty cupboards, wardrobes, appliances. All other would be performed with skills, patience and assiduity by the magnificent team that will arrive at your door. And in the end, you will enjoy the perfection, and more importantly – the money back in your bank account.